Mind Mapping for Business

Our most popular course, perfect for introducing mind mapping to your business.

Learn how Mind Mapping can help you to...

Think Creatively

Plan Collaboratively

Act with Clarity

Course Content

With a focus on practical business uses for mind mapping, our workshops leave participants with practical learning that they can apply the very next day.

Our Mind Mapping for Business course is structured around the following four areas:

1. Mind Mapping Basics

Understand the core principles of effective mind mapping, and learn a simple 4 step process to help you tackle any problem using mind maps. Includes:

  • Mind mapping principles
  • Mind mapping process

2. Mind Mapping for Personal Organisation

Learn how mind mapping can help individuals to better organise, prioritise and plan their workload and improve their productivity. Includes:

  • Visualising priorities
  • Managing tasks
  • Critical and creative thinking

3. Mind Mapping for Teams

How mind mapping tools and techniques can be used to improve clarity and collaboration within working groups. Includes:

  • Planning and managing meetings
  • Better brainstorming
  • Project planning
  • Facilitation with mind maps

4. Mind Mapping for Strategic Thinking

How mind mapping can be used to support and enable strategic level thinking and planning for organisations, using simple templates and repeatable processes. Includes:

  • Situation analysis
  • Goal setting
  • Action planning

Training Delivery Options

This course can be delivered in the following formats:

On-Site Training
On-Site Workshops
Our full immersive workshop experience, delivered on-site for your team. Available as Full or Half day sessions.
From $1,000
Virtual Training
From $99/session

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Why choose Biggerplate for your mind map training?

Software Neutral

We don’t make or sell mind mapping software, so there is no software sales pitch.

We provide practical independent advice for all software options.

Global Leader

Biggerplate is a globally recognised leader in the mind mapping sector.

We deliver training and consulting for organisations around the world.

Unrivalled Insight

Our training combines more than 10 years experience and unrivalled insights gathered from our global member community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about software?

If your students already have access to a specific mind mapping software, then the training will be delivered using this software, so that participants can see exactly how to implement the learning. Just let us know your software preference when you book.

Not got software yet? No problem! We will be able to advise on which mind mapping software options may be most relevant for your organisation. We do not make or sell software, so can offer independent, impartial advice on what is likely to suit you best.

Travel and Expenses

Depending on the location and duration of training delivery, we may need to add travel and accommodation costs to your training quote. Generally speaking, within the UK, this is not necessary.

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