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MindMeister Training from Biggerplate

Biggerplate's private training webinars give you an accessible, low-cost way to get your team introduced to MindMeister with practical training that is firmly grounded in the realities of modern business.

What's included?

Your live 60 minute video webinar with an experienced member
of the Biggerplate training team will cover the following:

Principles of effective mind mapping

Ignoring outdated myths and pseudo-science, we'll explain some practical principles to keep in mind when mind mapping, whether you're using software, or pen and paper.

Core MindMeister features

Learn about the essential features and functionality within MindMeister to help you get started.

Business applications and key benefits

Understand where mind mapping fits best in modern business, and understand why these techniques should be added to your everyday working toolkit.

Practical templates and examples

A walkthrough some practical mind map templates and examples for strategic thinking, better meetings, personal productivity and more.

Interactive question and answers

Plenty of time for your team to ask any questions about what they have seen in the webinar, and explore any additional areas of interest.

Webinar Recording

You will be provided with a video recording of your webinar, so that you can revisit particular areas of interest in your own time, and also share the content with others within your organisation.

“Teams trained by Biggerplate’s experts are among our happiest and most productive customers. Biggerplate’s comprehensive knowledge of MindMeister, paired with their deep understanding of modern business needs, makes them the number one choice in all mind map training matters.”
Michael Hollauf Mindmeister
Michael Hollauf, co-founder of MeisterLabs

What's the price?

Book a private training webinar for just $199

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