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Introducing Xmind maps into the English language learning journey of young learners is a revolutionary teaching strategy that enhances their learning experience and maximizes the development of their language skills. By harnessing the visual and interactive nature of Xmind maps, it can help boost young learners’ engagement and motivation, promote collaboration and communication, and ultimately stimulate their creativity and critical thinking skills. Get ready to unlock the full potential of young learners with ELT professional Tuba Kizilkan, who will discuss innovative ELT strategies and illuminate you about the potent combination of teaching English and utilizing Xmind maps as an effective instructional tool! 0:00 Welcome & Intro 5:01 How to Teach Young Learners 6:55 Advantages of Teaching Young Learners with Mind Maps 6:59 Teaching Vocabulary to Young Learners with Mind Maps 7:58 Teaching Grammar to Young Learners with Mind Maps 18:13 Examples of Mind Maps 26:21 Features of Xmind Mind Map 33:49 Q&A 👇Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on our upcoming webinars ✨Find More about Tuba Kizilkan! **A map on Xmind gallery: **Tuba’s mind maps on (Pro member of for downloading) **Tuba's video of Xmind basic tuorial for educators: ✨ FIND US HERE! Official Website ➔ Twitter ➔ Instagram ➔ Facebook ➔ Xmind Blog ➔ (Web) ➔ Discord ➔ 👇Download Xmind (2023) today and tell us how you think! #Xmind #Xmind2023 #mindmap #onlinemindmap #webinar #webinarseries #InspirationMatters #Englishteaching #Englishteachingetmhod #younglearners #study #languagelearning#productivity

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