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A retrospective, or "retro" for short, is a type of review in which a group, team, or entire organization comes together to evaluate the goals they achieved during a defined period of time. Using mind mapping as a tool during this process can be useful. By creating a visual representation of the project and its tasks, it can help with organizing and prioritizing the work. Additionally, it can aid in brainstorming and generating new ideas for the project. In this Xmind webinar, Sathyanand, founder of VisualOS Co., discusses powerful yet often overlooked components of project management using the Xmind mind mapping method. These insights can enhance your working experience. 0:00 Welcome & Intro 1:06 KWL Exercise 6:32 What is Retro? 12:46 Retro by Mind Mapping 18:36 Retro Example 31:00 Q&A 👇Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on our upcoming webinars ✨ FIND US HERE! Official Website ➔ Twitter ➔ Instagram ➔ Facebook ➔ Xmind Blog ➔ (Web) ➔ Discord ➔ 👇Download Xmind (2023) today and tell us how you think! #Xmind #Xmind2023 #mindmap #onlinemindmap #webinar #webinarseries #InspirationMatters #projectmanagement #productivity

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