Biggerplate Unplugged, New York 2016

Biggerplate Unplugged: March 2016, New York, USA

Check out the photos and presentations from the 7th Biggerplate Unplugged conference that took place on 10 March 2016 in New York City! An amazing gathering of the mind mapping community, with lots of great ideas and collaboration shared and developed by speakers and delegates!

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Here are a selection of photos from the 7th Biggerplate Unplugged, in New York City! Great day with terrific speakers at the Annual Mind Map Conference! Join the conversation online using the hashtag: #BPUN16

Posted by Biggerplate on Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Speakers and presentations

Liam Hughes (

Mind mapping for the 21st century knowledge worker

In this opening presentation, Biggerplate Founder Liam Hughes talks about how mind maps can help modern knowledge workers in piecing together the information puzzles they have to handle every day!

Toni Krasnic (Concise Learning)

Mind maps in education: From collecting dots, to connecting dots.

In this great presentation, Toni Krasnic explores the use of mind mapping in education to help students connect up information, rather than simply collect bits to pass tests. A fantastic call to action for students and teachers everywhere!

Dr. Pablo Buitron (USMLE Mind Map)

Mind maps for the doctors of tomorrow

Dr Pablo Buitron shares his innovative work helping the future doctors of America to pass their medical exams with the help of mind maps,, as well as his ground-breaking work using mind maps to help patient-doctor communication and understanding.

Madeleine Philippe

Lifelong thinking and learning skills

In this excellent follow up to her 2015 presentation at Biggerplate Unplugged in London, Madeleine explores how we can better equip the knowledge workers of tomorrow with thinking and learning skills that will last a lifetime.

Nora Herting (ImageThink)

Draw your big ideas!

In this extended workshop session, Nora Herting of ImageThink challenges our delegates to think and work more visually... following in the footsteps of presidents to achieve greater clarity and creativity by drawing your big ideas!

Stephanie Diamond (Content Marketing Toolbox)

Developing marketing strategies with mind maps

Marketing expert and author Stephanie Diamond shares advice on how marketers of all levels can benefit from using mind maps to develop their ideas, strategy, and marketing activities!

Roger C Parker (Published & Profitable)

Mind maps for readers and writers

In this session, Roger C Parker shares tips to help aspiring authors use mind mapping to plan, execute and promote their books!

Brian Sodl (Navigator Management Partners)

From mind map practitioner, to evangelist, and back again!

In this presentation Brian Sodl shares his mind mapping journey across numerous organisations, and the challenges of maintaining and developing use as an evangelist and/or practitioner... depending on the stage of the journey!

Larry Wolfe (Boeing)

Mind mapping at Boeing: Getting off the ground

In this presentation, Larry Wolfe from Boeing shares some of the challenges of trying to introduce and spread the use of mind mapping tools/processes in large organisations, and how self-organised groups for learning can have an important role to play.

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