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Biggerplate Unplugged: October 9th 2013, Utrecht, Netherlands

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Speakers and presentations

Liam Hughes,

Innovation at

Biggerplate founder Liam Hughes opens the Biggerplate Unplugged mind mapping conference, and gives details of the newly launched mind map trainer directory, and the recent acquisition of, which will be rebuilt as a dedicated gallery for hand-drawn mind maps. (Liam used iMindMap to deliver his presentation)

Saskia Smet, Numentum

Mistakes visual thinkers make at work

Saskia explores some of the obstacles that visual spatial workers encounter in organisations, and how some of these are self-made. She also looks at how managers might handle people who think and work visually, and how visual workers might manage themselves to reduce conflict with rational structures.

Marc van Oudheusden, Dutch Government

Mind mapping in large government

Marc shares his experiences of trying to introduce mind mapping into large government departments, and highlights some of the obstacles and barriers that exist. (Marc used iMindMap for his presentation)

World Café 1: Barriers to mind mapping adoption

In this interactive world cafe session, we asked attendees to discuss the barriers to mind mapping adoption - what they are, where they are, and why do they exist? Hosted by Hans Terhurne and John Albers, this discussion raised some really interesting ideas about why mind mapping does not reach more people, both in business and education.

Michael Hollauf, MindMeister

Cloud-based mind mapping: Advantages and obstacles

In this presentation, Michael Hollauf (Managing Director at MindMeister) talks through some of the advantages and disadvantages of cloud-based mind mapping applications, and shows how MindMeister has developed to try and overcome common objections and obstacles.

Lucas Calabro, Mindjet

Project collaboration with Mindjet

Lucas outlines how the combination of mind mapping, task management, and project planning tools within Mindjet can be used to take a complex project from inception to completion.

Marco Bertolini, Revedution

Study better with visual thinking

In this presentation, Marco looks at how we can re-awaken the natural student within teenagers, and how visual thinking tools like mind mapping can help! (Marco was using Prezi for his presentation)

Mathieu van der Wal, aha!Coaching

Smarter meetings with mind maps

Mathieu discusses how mind mapping can be used to improve meetings, by helping keep people engaged, helping perspectives to be understood, and defining clearer actions. (Mathieu was using Mindjet in his presentation)

Hans Buskes, Master Mind Maps

Mind mapping 3.0

In this presentation, Hans Buskes discusses his perspectives on mind mapping 3.0, and the importance of semantics in mind map creation.

World Café 2: How to get the Netherlands mind mapping

In this interactive world cafe session, we asked attendees to discuss the actions and ideas that might help to get the Netherlands mind mapping. Ideas included a ‘Biggerplate University’, a greater focus on case studies and real-world examples, and an increase in free software and training provision. This session was hosted by Hans Terhurne and John Albers.

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