How to Plan a Wedding mind map

How to Plan a Wedding

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How to Plan a Wedding
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5 Steps to Planning a Wedding Stress-free with iMindMap
See how it's done in this example of a wedding plan.

1. Begin by chucking in everything you can think of that needs to be done, from the small decisions to the mammoth tasks, branching them off in every direction. Don’t worry too much about structure yet – you just want to try and unload what’s currently bouncing around in your head into iMindMap.

2. Next you need to make some sense of the mess. Start grouping branches together under the main elements of the event – service, reception, pre-wedding, honeymoon, the Bridal Party, miscellaneous – however works best for you. Create sub-topics within these, such as clothes, or transport, and wherever possible use an image instead of text to keep the map visual and dynamic.

3. Add deadlines wherever appropriate. Use icons as well, such as colour coding with flags, so that you can easily filter your map to find all of the tasks that need doing immediately, before the day, on the day and so on. If you really want to go all out, you can use iMindMap’s Project View and the Tasks tab to set milestones, predecessors and link up to Microsoft Outlook.

4. Add any relevent files or webpages to the corresponding branches on your map. You can link to the guestlist, hotel website, attach images of the bridesmaid dresses and venue. Anything to do with the big event should be either seen on the map, or within one click of the map. This isn’t just the plan and To Do list, it is the wedding filing system!

5. Throw away all of the scribbled To-Do’s you have accumulated and bask in the glow of the organised art on your screen.

See the full article on planning weddings here:

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