How to Mind Map

How to Mind Map
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How to Mind Map

With the latest update of iMindMap, I felt it time to use to the software to share the key ways I teach "How to Mind Map". This is a "Right Hand Drive" Mind Map in that it starts at 1 o'clock and moves around clockwise. If you are left-handed, it makes a lot of sense to work anti-clockwise. If you'd like a "Left Hand Drive" version, send me a message.

Mind Mapping begins with mirroring your natural visual field with the orientation of the paper: landscape. Mind Mapping also empowers you to capture your imagination by giving you the BIG Picture on one page - a dashboard or desktop for the mind. The natural focal point for any blank page is the centre, so begin there - working with your mind and physiology.

The KISS principe is a key to successful mapping against the clock. "Keep It Short (and) Simple." This means using only key words such as nouns and active verbs.

Mind Mapping 'works' because it mirrors so many natural principles - even the very Natural Architecture of the brain and nervous system. It looks also like a tree - so copy the genius of trees by having thicker branches near the central trunk, tapering to twigs at the periphery. However, the secret to the flow of information is in the clearly connected lines (rather than fragmented bullet points).

"A Picture Paints a Thousand Words" - so use pictures that are meaningful for you. Word pictures are called Calligrams.

Colour works for some people. If you have any degree of colour-blindness, use distinctive patterns. Using patterns or colour on purpose to mean something to you will improve your memory recall by up to 50%. (Source: Tony Buzan)

One benefit of Mind Mapping that is rarely mentioned is the power of the clock-face. You can remember your map by linking ideas to what was at each hour of the clock.

However, the most significant difference between Mind Mapping and other keynote techniques is the explic
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