Brain Network

Brain Network

Brain Network

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Tags: the role of the hippocampus in associative memory is the establishment of long-term declarative memories. for example memories for facts names and life experiences. damage to the hippocampus leads to loss of ability to convert short-term memory to new long-term memories. stage 1 stage 2 stage 3 its function will be to mimic the structure of the nerve tissue in the hippocampus by placing multiple electrodes on an array to listen for incoming neuron activity and then to stimulate electrodes to deliver the appropriate output to the rest of the brain - potentially restoring memory function for patients with tissue damage. the implant is currently being tested . a first test of the implant in general humans is projected in the next 2 years. the research has been honored most recently by eetimes chosen for inclusion in the “great minds great ideas” program. profiled by newsweek in 2005 the research was hailed as a “next frontier.” another promising extension of bci is to incorporate various neurofeedbacks to train subjects to modulate eeg brain patterns and parameters such as erps erd smr p300 or slow cortical potentials (scps) to meet a specific criterion or to learn self-regulations skills. the subject then changes their eeg patterns in response to some feedback. such integration of neurofeedback in bci (fig. 4) is an emerging technology for rehabilitation but we believe is also a new paradigm in neuroscience that might reveal previously unknown brain activities associated with behavior or self-regulated mental states. the possibility of automated context-awareness as a new interface goes far beyond the standard bci with simple feedback control. we hope to develop the next level of bci system using neurofeedbacks for some selective cognitive phenomena. to do so we need to rely increasingly on findings from other disciplines especially neuroscience information technology biomedical engineering machine learning and clinical rehabilitation CS


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