Add1Challenge 4th edition mind map

Add1Challenge 4th edition

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Add1Challenge 4th edition
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About this mind map

Add1Challenge is a community of learners committed to sharpen their language skills in a 90 days marathon. It is organized by Brian Kwong. I feel excited to enter the fourth edition. And who would start a journey without a map ?

The purpose of this map was to contribute to a realistic study plan. So I worked with my calendar and learning resources, selecting the tools and time frames that would best suit my goals.

The specific details of the study plan — which chapter to study on which day — do not belong to this map. This might be the purpose of a separate map, one for each month of the challenge.

The added value of the mindmap is to capture the gist of the project (goals and reward), while articulating concisely the ways to achieve it. To me, the whole picture feels warm and encouraging.

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