POST Approach

POST Approach

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POST Approach

This simple framework can be applied to any number of contexts, and can help you to ensure you are focused on the most effective way to approach a task, and clear on the outcomes you are seeking. Work around the map (clockwise) and fill out the details for each arm.

This can be used to help the following:
-Improve planning for meetings
-Improve meeting management
-Reducing email clutter
-Improving email clarity, focus, and quality
-Improving marketing messages and planning
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Thanks Liam... Nice of you to respond so quickly to me. I am also a website builder and a biz mentor, as I was in business before being in ministry. My goal is to not need any income from the church. That way I can employ a youth worker full time and other ancillary professionals to help serve our vision and purpose. I am re-lauching our website business right now. I had to move away for a period of time to pursue another area of purpose for a short time. This is why I love your mind map bud..LOL. I have also written a book to 3rd draft level called - Live The Drea... don't just talk about it. It was during the writing of this that I became interested in mind maps as a way for visual learners to create their "purpose map"... LOL... I am a visual learner. ... LOL... BUT... I'm a real newbie to Biggerplate so thanks so much for the tips and groups to join. Feel free to suggest any others. Is this your day job? I will need to review your profile.
Thanks Greenlightman! I see from your profile that you're a Pastor in a church - you may like this group on Biggerplate called "Ministry Maps" containing maps for Bible Study, Sermon Prep, Leadership Development, Spiritual Development -
I love this... So simple, yet when knowing ones purpose in live/business is understood by living it... it is really empowering. Thanks Liam..!

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