The 7 Rules of Highly Worried People

The 7 Rules of Highly Worried People
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The 7 Rules of Highly Worried People

Worry cures nothing. Worry makes the mind weak. Here are "The 7 Rules of Highly Worried People" which guides you in through the rules a chronic worrier follows. Take note and avoid doing the same thing.
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Tags: Rule 1 If something bad could happen - if you can simply imagine it - then its your responsibility to worry about it So imagine all possible thing & worry about it Rule 2 Don't accept any uncertainty - you need to know for sure Certainty eliminates worry. Right? So go out and get the perfection that certainty RULE 3 Treat all your negative thoughts as if they are really true If you think someone doesn't like you it's probably true. So worry about it RULE 4 Anything bad that could happen is a reflection of who you are as a person This rule solves Rule #3 issue If you don't do well in exam you are incompetent If someone doesn't like you you must be a loser RULE 5 Failure is unacceptable Think everything is your responsibility & if you fail people will judge you are a failure You can make your worries as powerful as possible by thinking "I can never handle any failure" RULE 6 Get rid of any negative feelings immediately You want to get rid of worries but can't & they are not going away. That's bad sign. You have to worry about that because it means something awful is going to happen RULE 7 Treat everything like an emergency Don't kid yourself by thinking you can wait to get around to handling these things. Everything has to be solved right now - all of your problems all of your worries everything You can lie on your bed & go over every single problem that you will face tomorrow or next year and say to yourself "I need the answers immediately" BONUS Worry about worrying "Now that you're worried you've got to stop worrying completely or you'll go crazy and die"


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