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Semantic Search Map for SEO Progress

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Semantic Search Map for SEO Progress
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About this mind map

From book SEO Help: 20 Semantic Search Optimization Steps That Will Help Your Business Grow written by David Amerland (see credits in the Mind Map).

Semantic search is disrupting many of the practices associated with traditional search engine optimization techniques. David Amerland takes the complex subject of semantic search optimization and reduces it into twenty manageable steps anyone can apply.

I was surprised by the number of relationships (sometimes unexpected) between different elements to create a coherent overall content for my websites, my branding and in fine, my digital identity.

For many actions listed, David invites us to map and brainstorm each of his recomendations, so I set out to create a Mind Map and thus visualize all of these relationships and their impact(s).

The result is significant in the sense that I could more easily locate my strengths and weaknesses as an audit and to arbitrate the efforts required by the objectives set for my organization as a project plan (or to-do list).

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