APMP Study Guide

APMP Study Guide

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APMP Study Guide

This is a comprehensive mind map for APMP Foundation Study Guide (APMP BOK Edition). It shall help APMP students to easily and quickly grasp and review APMP Foundation Study Guide concepts as a preparation for APMP-Foundation Level Certification.

The online version for APMP BOK is here: http://bok.apmp.org/study-guide/

APMP is the worldwide authority for professionals dedicated to the process of winning business through proposals, bids, tenders, and presentations. APMP promotes the professional growth of its members by advancing the arts, sciences, and technologies of winning business. More details here https://www.apmp.org/?

Special Thanks to Ahmad Zoubi for providing me APMP course in Dubai

For any ideas or comments, please email me @ yasser.amer3@gmail.com
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