The 5S System of Handling Cash

The 5S System of Handling Cash
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The 5S System of Handling Cash

Plant now or beg later.

Learn on how to put a system in handling your cash. The simple and practical answer is here on this eBook - The 5S System of Handling Cash

Financial education is something that isn’t taught in school, but is sorely needed by the majority of people around the world. Some get intimidated by the term “financial education” itself and are clueless on how to start educating themselves on how to handle their money.

Ermz Teodocio’s book offers a simple but effective way to put one’s finances in order. It is a good primer on financial education. The 5S system was developed out of the author’s personal experiences with debt and lack of money. The system is practical and realistic. The concepts are well-illustrated. I’m confident that the book will change how people see money. I believe that if people start applying the 5S system, they will be well on their way to financial security.
Diane Aldecoa Dela Cruz - Writer, Editor

"This is truly something for those who wanted to be financially successful."
Paulo Tibig - Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, Author, Entrepreneurship

"It will be a good guide to small business owners in handling their cash as well."
Maria Teresita Zuniga Dimaculangan - Managing Partner at Dimaculangan, Dimaculangan and Co. CPAs, Speaker, Entreprenuership Advocate

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