Mind the Gap - the Power of Three

Mind the Gap - the Power of Three
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Mind the Gap - the Power of Three

This is quite possibly the most important map template I use. Given that people's working memory can only cope with 7+/-2 units of information before flooding, and also given that they are usually using 4 chunks of that already, a presentation needs to be more KIS than KISS!!! I mean as simple as ABC rather than ABCD.
Any argument needs at least 3 legs to support it, so it seems that 3 is the happy number.
This map has 4 branched because any presentation needs a clear headline or call to action.
So: Subject in the Centre
A, B, C, strands supporting the headline that defines the subject.
Develop those strands as required.
This structure gives the audience the necessary structure to store the points you are making, and to recall them later.
I have provided a worked example too on this site.
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