Psychology Theories

Psychology Theories
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Psychology Theories

It gives an over all view of psychology theories
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Hello.. I am happy to hear this from a psychologist. :) This is P. Arul Nehru, and I have done BEd (Bachelor of Education) MEd (Master of Education) so I had a good time reading the paper Educational Psychology. At present, I have MA (English), MPhil (English Language Education) and doing PhD in ELE. As a part teaching English language, I would like to learn the theory of learning. so I have prepared this mind map, based on my own reading from books in my library, and online sources. I did one year before, and now I will go back and collect sources, for your kindly wish. I too love too see upgrading the mad into better way, by an psychologist :)... Thank you..
I am a psychologist. In evaluating this mind map I would like to know who the author is (student, psychologist, etc) and his or her professional background. I recognize the terms here but I am not sure I would organize all of these categories in the same way so it is important to know sources for the components of the theories, why this selection of "theories" was made, and which type of psychological background and specialization area the author has.

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