WEI XinYu : XiGuan (Lyrics) mind map

WEI XinYu : XiGuan (Lyrics)

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WEI XinYu : XiGuan (Lyrics)
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About this mind map

Can a mindmap help to study a song's lyrics ? I believe it can.

By 'spatializing' sentences, i.e. locating them in a space, I can browse the text and follow the song's flow. Each branch stands for a chunk I can study independently. Pictograms denote grammatical functions, as indicated on the key.

A map can evolve !

In order to keep the map manageable, I didn't add many pictures. It can change with time ; there's no need to clutter it now. Later, a picture might replace a word or even a sentence.

A link to the song is available on the central image.

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