Strategic Management Analysis Framework mind map

Strategic Management Analysis Framework

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Strategic Management Analysis Framework
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I use this mindmap to review the syllabus content with my students at the end of the term. The map helps students and managers to see the connections between different conceptual and analysis frameworks.

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Please help me. Why cant i download it? all the downloaded files are the websites or the links!?
Hi dannycee - this is a security measure the website has to prevent automatic bots from slowing up the site by doing thousands of downloads a second. Sometimes it mis-reads the signs and appears for real people! If you continue to see the message, try leaving some time between downloads, or try clearing your cache. If problems persist, please email info @ for help.
Hi All, does anyone know why I can't down load,any maps? I get the error message below. Thx Danny Sorry, you're downloading too fast! We think that if you're downloading files this quickly, you might not be a human. We're not keen on automated programs downloading from our library, so hold your horses for a short while, then go back try again.
Hi, I am working on a new mind map which educators may find of interest: course development framework. I will post it soon.
Excellent mind map - would love to see some of your new mind maps!
how can I open it in mind manager? please help...
This map has become the most downloaded map in the Strategy section of our library! Congratulations!
I have used maps in my teaching for a couple of years to cater for students' different learning styles. I find that a visual presentation helps them to make sense of conceptual complexity. I also use maps to visualize literature domains in my research. I will post an example of such a map shortrly, once I have had a chance to edit it.
This is very cool!
Fantastic! Are you using mind maps a lot in your teaching, or is it only for specific tasks?
I am a university academic. My classroom work is with both undergrad and postgrad students in strategy and managerial decision making.
This is a very good map, we recommend downloading it, then working through it using presentation mode within iMindMap! Thanks for sharing Mikko, what are you teaching your students? Are you a business studies teacher/lecturer? It's great to see maps being used in this way!

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