Plan RapidWeaver projects with MindMeister

Plan RapidWeaver projects with MindMeister
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Plan RapidWeaver projects with MindMeister

I thought I might have an interesting topic for you to make development of RapidWeaver ( projects (with or without Stacks) even easier.
I've started to draft my projects in In the beginning, it was just a braindump. It then started to develop over time and now, I've the whole structure built into the map. Following advantages:

- Great for initial braindumping with a client (or without)
- Great to adjust while on the road via iPad or even iPhone since it is SaaS
- Great to share and jointly develop the structure with a client (remote or on site)
- Great for adding research information, links, pics, texts…
- Very useful for adding descriptions, setting information and such
- And finally, if it's exported as a Pages/Word document, it makes a great Exposé to hand out to a client or to keep for own reference
Bottom line: It helps during the whole process of development and beyond.

At first glance, it looks a bit "weired". The reason is that you've not been part of the development process. However, if you've built it yourself, you know easily where things are without loads of scrolling.

Here's the map:

And this is the resulting website:

I hope that this might help you with your projects.
any questions? Please ask!


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