Professional Excellence

Professional Excellence
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Professional Excellence

A mind map I used in a presentation to staff on ways they could imbibe PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE by the practice of self-reflection, inter & intra-personal relationship improvement, self care, and some advice by Albert Einstein.

It also encourages attacking procrastination (ok, I confess I have a preference for attacking that killer of dreams ... my success? Perhaps in another mind map? 🤔) in 21 ways as propounded by Brian Tracy in his book 'Eat that Frog' :

1. Set the table
2. Plan everyday in advance
3. Apply the 80/20 rule to everything
4. Consider the consequences
5. Practice the ABCDE method continually
6. Focus on key result areas
7. Obey the law of forced efficiency
8. Prepare thoroughly before you begin
9. Do your homework
10. Leverage your special talents
11. Identify your key constraints
12. Take it one oil barrel at a time
13. Put the pressure on yourself
14. Maximise your personal powers
15. Motivate yourself into action
16. Practice creative procrastination
17. Do the most difficult task first
18. Slice and dice the task
19. Create large chunks of time
20. Develop a sense of urgency
21. Single handle every task
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