Syria battleground

Syria battleground
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Syria battleground

Who's who: The syrian civil war
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Tags: bachar el-assad fsa al nusra iran abdul-ilah al-bashir salim idris riad al-asaad syrian martyrs' brigade euphrates volcano 14th special forces division 3rd corps 15th special forces division 3rd armoured division (15 000) isis maj. gen. naim jasem suleiman rif dimashq governorate campaign maj. gen. fo'ad hamoudeh hafez makhlouf general security directorate mohammed dib zaitoun rustum ghazaleh political security directorate air force intelligence directorate jamil hassan al-jaysh al-sha'bi national defence forces daraa offensive (february/may 2014) qalamoun offensive (june–august 2014) operation rainbow operation canopus star bataille d'alep ali mamlouk national security bureau arab socialist ba'ath party – syria region syrian armed forces military bureau southern front hawks of the south 18 march division yarmouk army 13th division knights of justice first army 101st division fateh haleb joint operations room (26/04/2015) 2015 jisr al-shughur offensive syrian national council national coalition for syrian revolutionary and opposition forces mohammed nasif kheirbek (rip) qasem soleimani ansar al-sharia jabhat ansar al-din (25/07/2015) ahrar ash-sham 4th armoured division republican guard list of armed groups ajnad al-sham islamic union unified military command of eastern ghouta jaysh al-islam syrian revolutionary command council (3/08/2014) islamic front levant front army of mujahedeen harakat nour al-din al-zenki fastaqim kama umirt authenticity and development front mujahideen shura council liwa al-haqq suqour al-sham brigade ansar al-sham liwa al-tawhid syrian turkmen brigades turkish special forces quneitra offensive (2014) southern command falcons of al-ghab daraa offensive (june–july 2015) quneitra offensive (2015) jaish al-haramoun 2015 southern syria offensive 5th mechanized division 7th infantry division first army daraa and as-suwayda offensive (june 20


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