Language Teaching

Language Teaching
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Language Teaching

This mind map delves into the aspects of teaching a new language to a non-native learner. It focusses on the three key aspects:

* Language Elements
* Teaching Techniques
* Teching Methodologies

This mind map has a teacher centric focus and will help a teacher as a ready reckoner of which tools and approaches can be used to most effectively present the knowledge of the new language.
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Hi Ruth, Thank you for the comment and for taking time to look at the mind maps. I am an aspiring language teacher - currently doing teaching certifications for teaching English as a foreign/second language, along with several other courses around effective learning and knowledge dissemination - which should all be complete within the next couple of months. I have had prior teaching experience in the university, teaching undergrads and postgrads in an IT related field. Very quickly found out that really doesn't count, as teaching second language learners is very different. I speak from personal experience as I am multilingual - grew up with 3 languages and learnt a couple others later on in life - in fact, starting on one right now! Hence I 'feel' the challenges in language learning from an insider's perspective. That is why I am sharing my mind maps - if it helps other teachers and learners alike to aid in better learning. Also, I have an underlying love for different cultures, which, I feel, that by bringing into the mix with language learning, can make the whole experience more engaging. Looking forward to contributing more around the different topics that are of my interest - mindfulness, meditation, non-religious spirituality, coaching and performance, life organisation skills, and of course, teaching! :-) Had a look at your profile and you have some really good mind maps around language learning as well - seems like language is one of your passions! Brilliant! I had emailed the support desk yesterday with a suggestion and will be looking forward to sending some more when I think of any. Please feel free to contact me if you think there is anything I can help with - I would be more than happy! :-)
Thanks for all the great new uploads! Are you a language teacher?

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