Project Dashboard (freely inspired by Meri Williams) mind map

Project Dashboard (freely inspired by Meri Williams)

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Project Dashboard (freely inspired by Meri Williams)
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About this mind map

This map owes a lot to the commendable book by Meri Williams :

WILLIAMS, M. (2010), The Principles of Project Management, Collingwood : SitePoint.

In no way is this map a summary of the book, nor is it a plain application of it. It's a free elaboration on the content, tailored to my needs and maybe some others'.

Comments have been added to many branches to explain their use.

I put plenty of energy in designing this template and heartily hope it might help some others.

© Alexis Van Espen

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©2011 Alexis Van Espen. All Rights Reserved.
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As an aspirant of PMP certification, I researched internet and never found mindmaps for all the PMP Processes in 1 place until now;thought to share check out yourself
Very nice map, would love to see some more of your work!
Agreed, great stuff.
A nicely implemented dashboard design that makes sense and also looks usable. Great job! I think this is the way to go.

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