Appraisal Template

Appraisal Template
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Appraisal Template

If you are employed by a company, the chances are that you have to attend an annual or interim appraisal or conduct these for your staff. The use of a generative thinking tool such as a Mind Map encourages a more rounded picture, thus preventing you from dwelling on any negatives and gives rise to practical approaches for continual improvement.

Here is the process:

1) Start with the name of the individual in the centre (and an image such as a photo representing them).

2) Add three main branches labelled RED (for areas to improve), GREEN (for successes) and AMBER/YELLOW (for development needs – Sometimes but not exclusively related to the red items).

3) Add key points to each of the branches as ideas come to mind.

4) The individual being assessed and the manager both do a Mind Map prior to the appraisal meeting.

5) At the meeting they talk through and compare Mind Maps. Any discrepancies are discussed and development opportunities agreed.

As each party creates their Mind Map in isolation there is much less argument and fewer blocks to communication caused by intimidation or resistance to discuss poor performance.
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