Your Tony Buzan Mind Map Story

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Your Tony Buzan Mind Map Story

All of us with have a 'Mind Map Story' - that part of our personal history that brought this transformational thinking technique into our toolkit for change. Many of those stories will directly connect us to Tony Buzan - the originator of the terms 'Mind Map' and 'Mind Mapping'.
Without Tony (and his brother, Barry) there wouldn't be the clarity we have around the principles of what makes for a perfect mind map.
Tony passed away on Saturday, 13th April, at 3am. He passed on a legacy of genius-thinking to the millions - yes, millions - of people whose lives have been enriched by his thoughts, techniques, and friendship.
In honour of Tony, I encourage you to sketch out your own Map Memorialis - your mind map in memory of your personal link to Tony Buzan and Mind Maps in your own story.

May your dendrites flourish, may you teach others Mind Mapping, and may you create at least a map a day!
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