The Benefits of Visualising Learning

The Benefits of Visualising Learning
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The Benefits of Visualising Learning

The benefits of providing visuals in learning:

Research entitled “Graphic Organisers: A Review of Scientifically Based Research” has supported the instructional effectiveness of the use of visual learning techniques by examining the results of 29 studies. These findings of the research focused on the following areas: As we learn we code information both in verbal and nonverbal formats. By attending to both nonverbal as well as verbal forms of communication via the use of graphic organisers (such as concept maps or Mind Maps) information is easier to retain and recall. For further information research Dual coding theory

The use of graphic organisers can help students link the existing knowledge to new knowledge. For further information research Schema theory

Working memory has a maximum capacity. If overloaded, learning does not take place. Graphic organisers, if used appropriately, can help reduce overload and enable more working memory to be devoted to learning. For further information research cognitive load and Instructional design theory. (Brookbank et al., 1999; DeWispelaere & Kossack, 1996) indicated that graphic organisers enabled learners to improve critical thinking and higher order thinking skills, as measured by teacher observations and learner performance on classroom projects. (Doyle, 1999; Meyer, 1995) used graphic organisers as an outlining tool. The studies concluded that graphic organizers were a viable alternative to conventional note taking methods and assisted learners in the writing process.

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I have found visual learning and in particular, puzzlebox mind maps and training techniques have revolutionised my life. I am studying for a degree and have found it invaluable for note taking in lessons, revision and with orgnising myself. I didn't know learnig could be this much fun and found it really difficult before. This really works!

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