Collaborate Or Compete

Collaborate Or Compete
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Collaborate Or Compete

With increasing complexity of projects, it is common to see project sub-teams (headed by a team leader), relatively independent but still, working towards the creation of a common product or service. The project manager, as always, must play the role of integrating the teams. It is obvious that in the interest of the final deliverable that all sub-teams must collaborate and not compete. Hence to compete or collaborate is not a question at all but strangely the ground reality may be different. Unknowingly, subtle actions, behaviours and even processes may actually be encouraging the sub-teams to compete (beyond the prescribed so to say “healthy limit”) and causing damage to the project. In my personal experience the reasons for this unhealthy competition can be divided into two buckets “People” and “Processes” as indicated in this Mind Map. You can read the complete article here on linked in here:
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Thanks for pointing out TWMindmaper. Have corrected the same .

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