FIFA World Cup Finals - Brazil 2014 (Spanish)

FIFA World Cup Finals - Brazil 2014 (Spanish)

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FIFA World Cup Finals - Brazil 2014 (Spanish)

Some fun facts about the teams playing the Soccer world cup in Brasil 2014. It was based in Spanish but is easy to understand. I have added per team the amount of participation in past tournaments, Performance % against matches played, and current ranking as of today based on FIFA official website. Also Best position obtained. Only those who won a championship has earned a Yellow Star. Blue star means 2 or 3 position. I also color coded the ranking position to better visualize groups difficulty: Pos. 1 to 3 dark Blue, 4 to 10 light blue, 10 to 20 green, 21 to 32 orange, and 33 or up magenta. I hope you like it. I am from Costa Rica by the way so we are in the group of death, Yeah!. No Fear we will beat Uruguay, will draw Italy and England to pass the other round. Cheers!!!
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My forescast was not that bad: Cr3 Uru 1 Cr1 Ita 0 Cr0 Eng 0

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