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Choosing Your Mind Mapping Software

Date:: 27 May 2021 | 5.00pm (Paris time)
Duration: 60 mins
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Too many Mind Mapping software options on the market? Difficult to choose? Franco will ask the right questions that will help you choose your software. Consider money first or your needs? Do I want to work alone or in a team? His team has been testing software for you for 10 years and breaking their heads to save yours. Key points covered in this webinar include: Do you know that most software works the same. We will show you how. Free or paid? Consider ROI (Return on investment) instead. Desktop, tablet, smartphone ... it all depends on your working methods. Change software? No problem. There are solutions.
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Franco Masucci
Franco is Co-founder and associate director of Signos, he is a trainer in Mind Mapping and Visual Facilitator. Franco and his team are experts in Visual Management. Specialists in digital visual tools for individual and collaborative efficiency.

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