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Biggerplate Annual Mind Map Report 2017

Biggerplate Annual Mind Map Report 2017

Welcome to our Annual Report 2017!

The aim of our Annual Report is three-fold:

Firstly; to provide our members with an overview of the progress, projects and priorities at, both in the year just finished, and the year ahead.

Secondly; share key insights from our global survey (concluded in January 2017). The survey aims to 'take the temperature' of the mind mapping community, and helps us consider the current state of the mind mapping sector, and what the future may hold!

Thirdly; provide a conversation starter for members of our community, and the wider world of mind mapping. We propose no definitive answers or explanations here, but instead try to share some interesting data, and the occasional reflection!

Thank you to all those who completed the survey and shared their perspectives with us. This feedback is truly invaluable for our business, and has already helped to shape plans for the year ahead!

We welcome your feedback, questions and perspectives!

Liam Hughes

Liam Hughes

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