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About iThoughts

A longtime favourite of iPhone, and iPad mind mappers, iThoughts was one of the first mind mapping apps in the Apple app store when it opened for business in 2008, and has since grown into a full featured application that is now available for iOS, Mac, and Windows!

iThoughts is developed by Toketaware; a small independent development company based near the beautiful city of York, in the United Kingdom.

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A small selection of iThoughts templates and examples from our mind map library!

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Six Thinking Hats
Six Thinking Hats
This iThoughts template will help you work through the famous 6 Thinking Hats process from Edward de Bono!
Customer Insights Mind Map
Customer Insights
A simple iThoughts template for getting a deep understanding of customer needs
Physics Equations Mind Map
Physics Equations
Bright colours for bright people trying to get to grips with common equations used in high school Physics!

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iThoughts Tutorials

Free iThoughts Tutorials to help you get started!

iThoughts navigation
iThoughts Map Navigation
Learn how to navigate around a mind map created in iThoughts for Mac
Adding Images in iThoughts
Adding images in iThoughts
This iThoughts user tutorial shows you how to add images into your mind maps.
Markers and Icons in iThoughts
Markers and Icons
In this iThoughts tutorial we look at how to add markers and icons to your mind maps.
Adding Hyperlinks in iThoughts
Adding Hyperlinks
In this tutorial we look at how to add hyperlinks to your iThoughts mind maps.
Presentations with iThoughts
Presentations with iThoughts
In this iThoughts tutorial we look at how to present your mind maps.
Mind Map Filtering
Presentations with iThoughts
This iThoughts tutorial shows you how to use the filtering feature in your mind maps.

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Popular iThoughts Uses

Learn more about the many ways you can use iThoughts!

iThoughts for Projects

View iThoughts templates and resources to help with Project Management.

iThoughts for Studying

Mind mapping with iThoughts can help students of all ages to more effectively learn!

iThoughts User Testimonials

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Chance Brown

Biggerplate member since 2008

"If you have a Mac, iPad or iPhone, you need iThoughts. It will literally transform how you work with ideas, concepts, and lists - Giving you the flexibility to see the Big Picture AND the details.”

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