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Free mind map templates and examples for English students: Essay planning, grammar and punctuation, writing styles and more!

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English Irregular Verbs for revision. I just noticed that this mind map is the highest rated of all mind maps and the most viewed in Education. Thank…

By jonlewis. Views: 85946 Downloads: 7029
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sentences, linking words, estructure most used to write an essay in English

By mtlc2001. Views: 33170 Downloads: 2537
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This mind map gives a comprehensive overview of verbs and tenses used in the English language. Examples have also been given to show the learner the f…

By richtwf. Views: 56261 Downloads: 2395
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This colour-coded English language teaching and reference mind map presents the main English verb tenses in a clear, engaging format. There is also…

By grimfarmer. Views: 20361 Downloads: 1217
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Mind map on seven methods you can use everyday to improve your grammar, including hyperlink to resources.

By catherinefranz. Views: 39144 Downloads: 2008
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This mind map briefly illustrates the eight parts of speech which make up English Grammar. I hope it will give you a simple overview of grammar in the…

By richtwf. Views: 25237 Downloads: 977
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The tenses (English) with definitions, structure and usage examples written in the notes.

By pbelgium. Views: 16900 Downloads: 779
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Useful phrases and vocabulary for writing business letters

By imindq. Views: 8471 Downloads: 504
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The eight parts of speech with examples on usage.

By conceptdraw. Views: 12439 Downloads: 275
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ConceptDraw Mindmap ConceptDraw Mindmap

Quick visual ref and list of the various types of conjunction: co-ordinating, sub-ordinaing, correlative and conjunctive adverb.

By Views: 17959 Downloads: 753
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