Lessons in Content Marketing from The Language of Content Strategy

Lessons in Content Marketing from The Language of Content Strategy
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Lessons in Content Marketing from The Language of Content Strategy

I prepared this Mindjet MindManager mind map of Scott Abel and Rahel Anne Bailie's The Language of Content Strategy to introduce you to one of 2014's most important content marketing books.

The Language of Content Strategy is a short, slim 140-page book that addresses the most critical aspect of your content marketing: the strategy behind content and design.

The Language of Content Strategy contains detailed descriptions of the 52 most important content strategy terms and their relevance for content marketing, written by content strategy experts from around the world.

Who should download this mind map?
Whether you're a newcomer to content marketing and just discovering content strategy, or you're an experienced professional, you'll gain a new perspective on efficiently providing the information your market's looking for.

The Language of Content Strategy is also relevant to authors and thought leaders looking for an efficient, fresh way to organize their ideas and experiences into a personal brand building book.

The Language of Content Strategy provides concise, readable explanations of 52 key content strategy terms by 52 different content strategy experts defined in 52 chapters organized in 5 sections.

Each chapter is limited to two facing pages, a left-hand page and a right-hand page.

I prepared this mind map to help you:
• Get a better perspective of the book. The mind map offers a "big picture" view of the contents, so you can see how the contents are organized.
• Boost retention while reading. If you're a MindManager user, I encourage to use it to add notes to the mind map while reading the various chapters, rather than underlining

If you're a Mindjet MindManager user, download the mind map and use it as a tool to help you retain more ideas from this book.
• Create subtopics for your takeaways, comments, and questions associated with each chapter.
• Use MindManager's Notes feature fo


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