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About MindManager

A longtime leader in the mind mapping software space, and the first software format supported on Biggerplate back in 2008!

MindManager is developed by Mindjet, a division of Corel.

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Featured MindManager Templates

A small selection of MindManager templates and examples from our mind map library!

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Lessons Learned Template
Lessons Learned Template
Use this simple MindManager template to run an efficient lessons learned process after every project!
PMBOK Knowledge Areas
PMBOK Knowledge Areas
Get to grips with the PMBOK knowledge areas with this amazing MindManager mind map!
Personal Organiser Template
Personal Organiser Template
One of the most downloaded mind maps of all time! Take control of your personal organisation with this powerful MindManager template!

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MindManager Tutorials

Free MindManager Tutorials to help you get started!

MindManager navigation
MindManager Map Navigation
Learn how to navigate around your MindManager mind maps!
Adding Images in MindManager
Adding images in MindManager
This MindManager tutorial shows you how to add images into your mind maps.
Adding Hyperlinks in MindManager
Adding Hyperlinks
In this MindManager tutorial we look at how to add hyperlinks to your mind maps.

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Popular MindManager Uses

Learn more about the many ways you can use MindManager!

MindManager for Projects

Learn how MindManager can be used to support effective project management!

MindManager for Studying

Mind mapping with MindManager can help students of all ages to study more effectively!

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