Tony Buzan SEM CUBED Memory System 100-900

Tony Buzan SEM CUBED Memory System 100-900
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Tony Buzan SEM CUBED Memory System 100-900

This is the SEM CUBE method that I use to memorize items from 100 to 999.
Memory nails (1 to 99) has to be memorized first.
Example : You have 500page textbook and you want to remember everything page by page. It is so easy. The book is the famous cities in the world.

You should first define a key word for each page.

Page 443 described the famous places in İstanbul.
Lets look at the base memory nail first. Base memory nails are the numbers from 1 to 99. Base memory nail for 443 is 43.

Memory nail for 43 is "RoMe". (4=R, 3=M)

Next step is to check 443. 400 is Reindeer.
443 = Reindeer + RoMe. Lets make a story with them. Imagine that there is a giant Reindeer and attack RoMe and destroy every building in the city including Collesium.

Now it is time to connect this story with İstanbul.

443 : Reindeer + RoMe + İstanbul.

Reindeer attacked Rome and demolished everything. Then it goes to İstanbul and when it arrived to bosphorus bridge, it's horns hanged out the bridge and the bridge collapses.


For istanbul please check the link below;

It will be very easy to remember the page number and the content in that page.
Also you will be sure which page İstanbul is.

Eralp Sendan
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