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This is a model of a Relationship WealthMap™. I've used cartoon images to protect the innocent! The length of each branch represents the current distance of the person. The size of the image represents their relative importance in my network of relationships. You would use a map like this to develop a Marketing Plan for strengthening (or weakening) business or personal relationships. We know that 'what' we know is important, but 'who' we know is equally, if not more, important in business.

This is a partial template - and partially worked hypthetical example. In iMindMap, it is particularly easy to lengthen branches and sizes of images - perfect for this kind of map.

This map suggests the following.
I really need my Technical Support guy, but access is often intermittent - hence the dotted line. The three blank twigs are there to help me plan how to reconnect more effectively with Tech-support Tim.
I've got a Sales guy who might be important one day but he's pestering me all the time. So he's close but within a small circle. I might try and put some buffers in our relationship so that we stay connected but not pestered.
My key target is a Learning and Development professional in the HR Department of one of my former clients. She's at a great distance because I can't reach her, but I believe she is really important to the future of our company. I need, therefore, to develop a strategy that will get me past her gate-keepers.
There is a recruitment agency we use but they are distant (only call when they want something) and not often needed, so I will have to decide whether I want to draw them closer.
I'd like to pull in our creative guy, but the challenge is making it worth his while financially.
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