Azerbaijan State University of Economics, 3rd Year Business English

Azerbaijan State University of Economics, 3rd Year Business English
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Azerbaijan State University of Economics, 3rd Year Business English

Business English, The Vocabulary of the Global Economy is designed for upper intermediate and advanced learners of Business English in the improvement of their business vocabulary. It is for people studying English before they start work and for those already working who require English in their work. The development of this course is based upon the principles of 'Listening, Speaking and Writing' The lecturer will deliver verbally the element concentrating upon the correct pronunciation, subsequently students will also be asked to deliver the same element paying attention to their listening capabilities. From time to time recordings will be used from people who speak English but have accents (English. Australian and American). The emphasis is on language related to today's important, and sometimes controversial business issues. The course should be delivered by a native English speaker (English or American) in a classroom environment with an even number of participants. The reasoning behind this is that when the 'Over to you' activities commence, there should be mutual discussion between the pair (students) relating to the activity and subsequently a presentation can be made on the activities subject. The maximum number of students should be no more than 20 (10 pairs) and the duration of the unit should be a maximum of two hours. this will allow time to get through the various exercises as well as discussion on the exercises and finally the over to you exercise with feedback.
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