Mitch Joel's Ctrl, Alt, Delete Urges You to Reboot Your Business and Your Li…

Mitch Joel's Ctrl, Alt, Delete Urges You to Reboot Your Business and Your Li…
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Mitch Joel's Ctrl, Alt, Delete Urges You to Reboot Your Business and Your Li…

Mitch Joel's bestselling Ctrl, Alt, Delete: Reboot Your Business, Reboot Your Life, Your Future Depends on is a analysis of the impact the connected digital world is having on businesses and individuals around the world.

Mitch Joel's Ctrl, Alt, Delete is a clarion call for entrepreneurs and marketers to recognize the end of "business as usual" and acknowledge both the challenges and the opportunities of the digital world.

Ctrl, Alt, Delete offers ideas, insights, and tips for both employers and employees.

Employers will gain a new awareness of the depth on the changes that may have been undermining the survival of their business.

Employees will recognize that, in a connected digital world, their hopes for secure employment with a secure future are unrealistic; they, too, have to market themselves to a connected world with competition just a click away.

Marketing Magazine called Mitch Joel the "Rock Star of Digital Marketing" and called him, "one of North America's leading digital visionaries."

Since 2006 he has been referred to as one of the most influential authorities on blogging in the world. His personal following is located throughout the world.

When Google wanted someone to explain online marketing to the top brands in the world, they brought Mitch Joel to the Googleplex in Mountain View, California.

Mitch Joel is President of Twist Image - an award- winning Digital Marketing and Communications agency with offices in Montreal and Toronto, Canada.
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