More Then 100 Arduino Projects Suggestions

More Then 100 Arduino Projects Suggestions
iThoughts Mind Map added Thu, Dec 17, 2015
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More Then 100 Arduino Projects Suggestions

Control LEDs ON/OFF with IR Remote and Arduino, Fade an LED's Brightness (Fade / Fading), Connect an iOS Device to Arduino, Hack a NES Controller into a Security Keypad, Automatic Camera Shutter Switch, Fade LED In and Out with Arduino, Automatic Head Tracking with Arduino, Breathalyzer Microphone, Electronic Memory Game, DVD Player Turned into a VFD Clock, Digital Combination Lock, Arduino Security Alarm with Reed Switch, Arduino PWM Led Control, Fan Speed Controlled by Temperature and Arduino, Cellular Sensor Sentinel, Interfacing with Maya and 3d Studio Max, Arduino Powered Mobile Phone, Hacking of EEG toys with arduino, Arduino Siren Sound Alarm, Marble Labrynth controlled using the WiiFit, Knight Rider effect sketch, Creating a Single-Cell Battery Tester, Arduino Painting Machine, Metal Detector Made With Arduino, Coin Operated Advice Machine, Open-Source Quadcopter, Fantastic Arduino Laser Harp, Arduino Night Security Alarm with PIR Sensor, Multi-Touch Touchscreen Music Controller, Arduino Hall Effect Sensor ( Gaussmeter ), Arduino Powered Binary Clock, Make an LED Bar Graph Display (barGraph), Giant 6 Foot Disco Ball Music Visualiser, Automated Cat Laser, Arduino Icicle Lights with LEDs, Open source Game Boy, DIY Gaming with a 3D Controller, Detect a Knock on a Sensor (Knock), Internet Motion Sensor, Overclocking an Arduino with Liquid Nitrogen, Arduino powered Lucky Cat as physical Webcounter, Blinking an LED with Arduino, Arduino Digital Voltmeter, RC Car Controlled Via the Web, Arduino Self Timer, Brainwave Powered Prosthetic Arm, Arduino Stock Lamp, DIY Musical Keytar, Potted Plant Protector, arduino based tilt detector, arduino based water level controller, Remote controlling Heavy LCD TV with Smartphone, Arduino Multiple Lights Dimmer, Arduino Music Player, GPS Cat Tracker, Control Arduino Via Bluetooth And Smartphone, arduino based voltmeter, Proximity Sensor to Automate Your Haunted House, arduino based thermostat, Arduino Room Temperature Monitor
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