Mindjet Revolution roadshow - quick notes mind map

Mindjet Revolution roadshow - quick notes

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Mindjet Revolution roadshow - quick notes
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Quick notes (first mapped on paper then created in MindManager) about Mindjet's Revolution Roadshow about MindManager 2012, Mindjet Mobile, Mindjet Connect and Mindjet Cohuman. Also includes a nice list of the top 10 new features in MindManager 2012

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Big Thanks Mathieu. Had to go to an session today (on how to solve crimes with MM) so I missed it. It seems that after reading your summary that MM is becoming more and more a tool like Visio and maybe even Excel. BIG TIP! I still add a lot of value using add-ins like on www.mindmanageraddins.com I hope your aHa add-ins like the matrix and 2Way (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aiZyaZh2to) will become available for MM2012 soon!

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