1951 Mokotów Prison execution

1951 Mokotów Prison execution

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1951 Mokotów Prison execution

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Tags: 1951 Mokotów Prison execution On March 1 1951 the Soviet-controlled Communist Polish secret police Urząd Bezpieczeństwa (UB) [1] carried out the execution of seven members of the 4th Headquarters of the anti-Communist organization Wolność i Niezawisłość (WiN) in the Mokotów Prison in Warsaw. All those executed were members of WiN who during World War II took an active part in anti-Nazi resistance. Main gate of prison The executed men were: Łukasz Ciepliński Karol Chmiel Adam Lazarowicz Józef Rzepka Józef Batory Mieczysław Kawalec and Franciszek Błażej. All of the men were apprehended in late 1947 and early 1948 and almost all came from the Rzeszów area. They were personally chosen to take part in the anti-Communist resistance by Ciepliński commanding officer of the WiN's 4th Headquarters who chose them because of their moral fortitude and their unbroken spirit. The interrogations conducted by Communist investigators that ensued were particularly brutal. All seven were tortured and severely beaten. Cieplinski's legs and hands were broken and he had to be carried by his fellows for meals in a blanket. A staged trial that took place on October 5 1950 was led by a group of ruthless military prosecutors from the Warsaw Military District - Colonel Aleksander Warecki (real name Warenhaupt who served as the presiding judge) Major Zbigniew Furtak Major Zbigniew Trylinski and Lt. Col. Jerzy Tramer who served as the Public Prosecutor. The accused were not given an opportunity to refute charges brought against them despite the fact that on several occasions Ciepliński had stated that he was tortured and that his confessions were extracted with the use of torture. The Communist judges disregarded his testimony. The courtroom was filled with UB functionaries. With approval of the presiding chief judge Warecki the prosecutors publicly mocked the accused. The newspaper articles which covered the case ran stories that the ac


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