U.S. Government Spending on Contractors (2010)

U.S. Government Spending on Contractors (2010)
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U.S. Government Spending on Contractors (2010)

There's a lot of debate in Washington right now over US Government spending. With the recent downgrade of US Debt by S&P, I suspect this debate will become even more heated and contentious.

But as the politicians decide on what to cut we should all take particular note of where the cuts are coming from. When people say the government is spending too much money, do you ever hear them provide exact dollar amounts for specific government departments? For example, if you were ask to them how much did the Defense Department spend last year vs the Education Department? Do you think they would know? Probably not. By the way, there's a VERY big difference in the spend between those two departments.

So, to clear all this up, I've created a mindmap highlighting exactly how much 22 federal government departments spent last year (2010) on private contractors. I even go a step further to include the top 5 contractors each department paid with your tax dollars (if you are a US citizen).

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