Certificates to be Carried on board Ship

Certificates to be Carried on board Ship
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Certificates to be Carried on board Ship

There is always a requirement to check the certificates being carried on board a ship. This mind map gives the list of all the certificates and the reference which makes it mandatory to carry the certificate on board a ship
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Tags: International Tonnage Certificate (1969) International Load Line Certificate International Load Line Exemption Certificate Intact Stability Booklet Damage control plans and booklets Minimum safe manning document Fire safety training manual Fire Control plan/booklet On board training and drills record Fire safety operational booklet Certificates for masters officers or ratings International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate Oil Record Book Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan International Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate Garbage Management Plan Garbage Record Book Voyage data recorder system-certificate of compliance Cargo Securing Manual Document of Compliance Safety Management Certificate International Ship Security Certificate (ISSC) or Interim International Ship Security Certificate Ship Security Plan and associated records Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR) 2 In addition to the certificates listed in section 1 above passenger ships shall carry: Passenger Ship Safety Certificate <http://vp.imo.org/customer/subscriptions/solasplus/solaspagesholder.aspx?path=SOLAS/endnotes.ascx> Exemption Certificate <http://vp.imo.org/customer/subscriptions/solasplus/solaspagesholder.aspx?path=SOLAS/endnotes.ascx> Special Trade Passenger Ship Safety Certificate Special Trade Passenger Ship Space Certificate Search and rescue co-operation plan List of operational limitations Decision support system for masters 3 In addition to the certificates listed in section 1 above cargo ships shall carry: Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate <http://vp.imo.org/customer/subscriptions/solasplus/solaspagesholder.aspx?path=SOLAS/endnotes.ascx> Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate <http://vp.imo.org/customer/subscriptions/solasplus/solaspagesholder.aspx?path=SOLAS/endnotes.ascx> Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate <http://vp.imo.org/customer/subscriptions/solasplus/solaspagesholder.aspx?path=SOLAS/endnotes.ascx&g


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