Mapping press article - the Pentagon's push to program soldiers' brains

Mapping press article - the Pentagon's push to program soldiers' brains

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Mapping press article - the Pentagon's push to program soldiers' brains

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Tags: World about this map images I.Who Could Object? II.High Risk High Reward III.“We Try to Find Ways to Say Yes” IV.“Over the Horizon” V.“You Can Weaponize Anything” VI.Gold Rush keywords Justin C. Sanchez professor biomedical engineering neuroscience University of Miami bionics microwire electrodes brain encodes behaviour brain chip DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Pentagon mind-controlled weapon neurotechnology President Dwight Eisenhower Sputnik satellite man-computer symbiosis Project Pandora Drones voice-recognition technology Project Seesaw particle-beam weapon Cybernetic Anthropomorphous Machine Restoring Active Memory Department of Defense cognition Controlled Biological Systems program Metabolic Dominance Persistence in Combat Continuous Assisted Performance Augmented Cognition Peak Soldier Performance Brain-Machine Interface Dick Cheney President George W. Bush Admiral John Poindexter Geoff Ling cyborg Wake Forest experiment Targeted Neuroplasticity Training (TNT) Human Genome Project MIT National Institute of Mental Health The U.S. government Regina Dugan Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group President Barack Obama neurotechnology company Kernel Neuralink Elon Musk GlaxoSmithKline Mark Zuckerberg mindmapping mindmap mindmaps visual knowledge management diagram press education learning memory machine learning deep learning NLP biometrics RODO brain close loop brain stimulation stalking satellit harassment MK Ultra MK Monarch semantic tree brainwashing CIA FBI NSA Mindjet MindManager targeting system TI gas light NATO US ARMY USA America Wojciech Korsak LRAD Long Range Acoustic Device High Energy Laser Weapon Beams spike to skulp powerstroke stroke neurology psychology psychosomatic ethics medical deep semantic structures installations anchoring schizofrenia lobe biology physics tool bazinga


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