Biggerplate Unplugged 31 Jan 2013 London Registered Attendees mind map

Biggerplate Unplugged 31 Jan 2013 London Registered Attendees

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Biggerplate Unplugged 31 Jan 2013 London Registered Attendees
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About this mind map

A map of the attendees with their web links from the Eventbrite event page plus a few I added. Also includes a Marker group for identifying your relationship to the attendees (Friend, Colleague etc.) and their participation on the day.

Hope you can use this for your preparations for the event. I have one that I have begun to mark up.

Additional ideas are:
- Prioritise the people you want to have a conversation with.
- Use relationships to show who I would like to introduce to whom.
- Add their Twitter or Blog RSS feeds using the Mindjet map part.
- Also adding Google search results for their name may be useful.
- In Mindjet Web you can add search results from LinkedIn, Bing and Twitter.

Of course Serendipity can work as well.

Looking forward to a great day, meeting new people to me, meeting those I know well online but have never met face to face and meeting "young" friends.

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Great minds think alike - I also did a mind map of attendees - handy to have on my phone with the mindjet app. I copied it to Excel and then wrote a macro to format and combined with the Map2Excel Plugin to import back into Mindmanager - when get a chance may do a video on using the Map2Excel Plugin
I just personalized Andrew Wilcox' mind map to be used next week - thx Andrew!
:) Keep an eye on See you next week, Andrew
Yesterday I finished mapping out the event, attendees and other information in readiness for the 31st only to find I should have come to Biggerplate first - everything is already there. Thanks. Looking forward to it.

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