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Timemanagement rules of Covey combined with mindmapping, resulting in time mapping

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Nice view and illustrative but difficult to use and implement with dmm tool. better on paper or excel. I do use goalscape and I think I can implement based on your example. Thanks for sharing!
Nice idea.
Nice mindmap.
I'm using a digital pen as well. It makes things much natural and not so difficult indeed. Interfaces with computer are changing at the light speed. Things that appear complex to us just now will become very easy at short term, even more for our children. We should look at the future with this fresh eye and do not focus too much on what we have been used to do for the last decade...
i meant of course less difficult than it seems.
actually it is more difficult than it seems. The trick is........use free hand branches (and a wacom tablet to draw them). Don't tell anybody.....
Awesome indeed. This is truly original and refreshing. However, I deem it difficult to use everyday. It's more a work of art than a to-do list to quickly jot down ideas and tasks. Anyway I find here inspiration for hand-drawn mindmaps. Thanks !
thanks philippe what you started obviously can be taken anywhere!
I like it, cool quadrant usage with iMindMap. We go further and further with the tool. It's really the most flexible mind map tool ever, whatever detractors say ... You don't need the tool to tell you how to do a diagram once you have such a tool that follow your mind. Good work!

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