Mindjet for iPad vs iThoughtsHD

Mindjet for iPad vs iThoughtsHD

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MindManager Map added Fri, Jun 17, 2011
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Mindjet for iPad vs iThoughtsHD

A Comparison of Mindjet for iPad versus iThoughtsHD, features, ease of use, compatibility with Mind Manager Desktop for Windows, and ability to transfer files from Desktop to the iPad.

Coming Soon! A blog post at http://thinkitmapit.com

How will I Test/Compare (Mindjet for iPad vs iThoughtsHD)?
Two Part Test:
Part A -
A1.0 - Transfer the Welcome to Mind Manager8.mmap file to the iPad to see which features transfer from the Windows Desktop to the iPad Mind Map Apps.
A2.0 - Transfer the Mind Map by doing a Wifi Wireless Transfer built into both applications.
A3.0 -Save the Welcome to Mind Manager 8.mmap as an image file for comparison to what an image from the iPad looks like.

Part B - 
B1.0 - Create a New Mind Map on Windows 7, (within MindManager 8 and/or MindManager 9)
B1.1 - Create a Central Topic with an Image inserted into the Topic.
B1.2 - Create a Note on the Central Topic. These Test Procedures.
B1.3 - Create a hyperlink on the Central Topic to http://thinkitmapit.com
B1.4 - Append text to Central Topic Text describing the Central Topic Image.
B1.5 - Create a Callout (Comment Bubble) on the Central Topic.
B1.5.1 - "Mind Manager 8" does not allow a Callout on Central Topic.
B1.5.2 - "Mind Manager 9" does not allow a Callout on Central Topic.
B2.0 - Create SubTopic "Mindjet for iPad"
B2.1 - Find Mindjet Logo from Web to insert into SubTopic "Mindjet for iPad".
B2.2 - Create a Hyperlink to Features or Product Description on Developer Website; and Copy/Paste that Content into Notes for the SubTopic.
B2.3 - Create a Callout/Comment on the SubTopic with the Date Product was first available in iTunes.
B2.4 - Create two Child Topics - Blog Posts from the Developers Website; include both Hyperlink to the Blog Post and the Text from the Blog Post into Child T
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Great use of graphics!

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