Switches and relays

Switches and relays
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Switches and relays

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Tags: spst (single-pole single-throw switch) spdt (single-pole double-throw switch) dpst (double-pole single-throw switch) dpdt (double-pole double-throw switch) break contact make contact spring return spring return proximity limit switch proximity limit switch open switch tdc feature open switch tdc feature closed switch tdo feature closed switch tdo feature make contact general make contact early to close make contact late to close break contact general break contact early to close break contact late to close two way contact left two way contact center two way contact right passing make-contact close on actuation or release passing make-contact close on actuation passing make-contact close on release circuit breaker pushbutton 2-circuit with circuit opening (break) change-over contact pushbutton make pushbutton break 2 position switch (90 deg step) 3 position switch (120 deg step) 4 position switch (45 deg step) limit switch normally open limit switch normally closed relays isolator fused close isolator fused open isolator close isolator open fuse close fuse open inertia switch close inertia switch open temperature switch close temperature switch open thermostat close thermostat open temperature actuated close temperature actuated open pressure actuated close pressure actuated open gas flow actuated close gas flow actuated open liquid level actuated close liquid level actuated open liquid level actuated close liquid level actuated open flow actuated close flow actuated open safety interlock close safety interlock open selector switch (break-before-make nonshorting (nonbridging) during contact transfer) selector switch (alternative form) shorting selector (make-before-break shorting (bridging) during contact transfer) make contact (normally open) with time delay


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