Mental Models: The Best Way to Make Intelligent Decisions (109 Models)

Mental Models: The Best Way to Make Intelligent Decisions (109 Models)

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Mental Models: The Best Way to Make Intelligent Decisions (109 Models)

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Tags: World Mental model models mental models about this map This guide will dive into everything you need to know about mental models. By the time you’re done this article you’ll think better make fewer mistakes and get better results. What Are Mental Models? Learning to Think Better Building a Latticework of Mental Models Mental Models General Thinking Concepts Numeracy Systems Physical World The Biological World Human Nature and Judgment Microeconomics and Strategy Military and War 1. The Map is not the Territory 2. Circle of Competence 3. First Principles Thinking 4. Thought Experiment 5. Second-Order Thinking 6. Probabilistic Thinking 7. Inversion 8. Occam’s Razor 9. Hanlon’s Razor 1. Permutations and Combinations 2. Algebraic Equivalence 3. Randomness 4. Stochastic Processes (Poisson Markov Random Walk) 5. Compounding 6. Multiplying by Zero 7. Churn 8. Law of Large Numbers 9. Bell Curve/Normal Distribution 10. Power Laws 11. Regression to the Mean 12. Order of Magnitude 1. Scale 2. Law of Diminishing Returns 3. Pareto Principle 4. Feedback Loops (and Homeostasis) 5. Chaos Dynamics (Butterfly Effect)/ (Sensitivity to Initial Conditions) 6. Preferential Attachment (Cumulative Advantage) 7. Emergence 8. Irreducibility 9. Tragedy of the Commons 10. Gresham’s Law 11. Algorithms 12. Fragility – Robustness – Antifragility 13. Backup Systems/Redundancy 14. Margin of Safety 15. Criticality 16. Network Effects 17. Via Negativa – Omission/Removal/Avoidance of Harm 18. The Lindy Effect 19. Renormalization Group 20. Spring-loading 21. Complex Adaptive Systems 1. Laws of Thermodynamics 2. Reciprocity 3. Velocity 4. Relativity 5. Activation Energy 6. Catalysts 7. Leverage 8. Inertia 9. Alloying 10. Viscosity 1. Incentives 2. Cooperation (Including Symbiosis and Prisoner’s Dilemma) 3. Tendency to Minimize Energy Output (Mental & Physical) 4. Adaptation 5. Evolution by Natural Selection 6. The Red Queen Effect (Co-evolutionary Arms Race) 7. Replication 8. Hier


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